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Test Lab for Moulding Materials

A special role is attributed to the ÖGI in the field of moulding materials. Numerous publications, scientific papers, lecture activities and close cooperation with project partners and the foundry industry are examples of the importance and high status of the moulding materials department. Not only forward-looking new developments, but also traditional sand systems are examined and tested using the latest technology. The high accuracy and precise digital recording of our measuring equipment create new possibilities for data evaluation and quality assurance of moulding materials.

The moulding sand is on its way from an auxiliary to a material.



  • Quality assessment of basic mould materials and mould materials mixtures
  • Continuous process monitoring of batch mixes from customers (e. g. weekly parameter assessment)
  • Support and monitoring of process optimisation 


Possibilities for the production and testing of sample series from wet-cast sands and cores (cold-box and hot-box).
Testing options:

  • Screen analysis
  • Annealing loss
  • Residual moisture
  • Core breakdown
  • Gassing tendency
  • Degree of oolithization
  • Analysis of slurry content
  • Chemical analysis (bentonite content, carbon content, pH-value)
  • Mechanical properties via electronic testing machine: compressive strength
  • Shear strength
  • Cleavage strength
  • Bending strength
  • Green sand tensile strength
  • Wet tensile strength


  • Lab-size Eirich-rotary, pan grinder and impeller mixing systems
  • Universal electronic testing unit Z005
  • Ramming device
  • Gassing analyser
  • GF mechanical strength testing apparatus
  • Compatibility tester
  • Gas transmissibility tester
  • Screening tester
  • Moisture analyzer
  • Drying cabinet
  • Annealing furnace for sintering analysis up to 1600°C

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