Pilot Foundry for Permanent Mould Processes

In the permanent mould processes liquid melt is injected into a metallic mould. The name of this group of processes is derived from the fact that one mould can be used multiply up to a several hundred thousand times. Depending on the mean of die filling one distinguishes between gravity-, low-pressure and high-pressure processes. Castings produced in permanent die casting have a good surface quality. Due to the possibility of specificly adjustable cooling conditions castings can be produced in a wide range of strength categories.


  • Customer specific casting trials
  • Trial castings in high-, low-, and gravity-die-casting
  • Metallurgical and technological trials
  • Process optimization and alloy development
  • Analysis of casting defects and initial sampling
  • Optimization of heat treatment
  • Training courses


  • Induction furnaces Junker (2, 20, 40 kg of aluminium)
  • High pressure die casting machine (530 kN, Buehler SC D/53)
  • Low-pressure die-casting machine (Kurtz AK92)
  • Gravity-die-casting machines
  • Al melting and dosing furnace (Nabertherm, 200 kg)
  • Mg melting and dosing furnace (Rauch, 150 kg)
  • Dosing robot (KUKA) and melt dosing system (Meltec)
  • Rotary degasser
  • Heat treatment furnaces (up to 1500°C)
  • Die spraying device for HPDC (Wollin)
  • Die heating and cooling units (Regloplas, Robamat)
  • Jet cooler for HPDC applications (Lethiguel)
  • Digital data acquisition (Electronics)
  • Melt control equipment
  • Technological dies