Chemical Laboratory

Routine chemical material analyses are conducted in our chemical laboratory. In 15 accredited and numerous non-accredited investigation methods cast materials, sintered materials and raw materials can be analysed. Furthermore, additives and raw material analyses for castings are performed in accordance to current processes.

Accredited measurements

Full analysis of:

•    Iron and steel
•    Copper alloys
•    Aluminium alloys
•    Magnesium alloys
•    Zinc alloys
•    Ferro alloys
•    Investigations of slag, sand, lime stone, residues
•    Determination of specific gravity of metals and alloys
    (Archimedean principle)

Non-accredited measurements
•    W, Nb, Ti, Al non soluble in acids in iron and steel
•    Graphite in cast iron
•    Sn in white metal
•    Active bentonite in moulding sands
•    Volatile elements in fuels
•    ph-value of sands
•    Gravimetric measurement of chlorides and sulphates
•    Phenol, formaldehyde, cyanide, fluorine, amine in adsorption mixtures

Additional measurements and investigations are possible on request.

The executed chemical analyses often conduce to conformity evaluation, determination of materials or failure analysis of metals and their alloys as well as their components.


•    Conventional wet chemistry
•    Inductive coupled plasma emission spectrometer (ICP-OES)
•    LECO for carbon and sulphur determination
•    LECO for determination of nitrogen
•    Spark emission spectrometer (OBLF VeOS)
•    Analytical balance with addition for specific gravity  
•    UV/VIS - photometer
•    Electrolysis